This project I had to tribute a piece of artwork from an existing artist. One piece of artwork I wanted to tribute was Daniel Eatocks “Pantone Pen Print” in 2006; he balanced a complete set of Pantone Markers upside down on a stack of paper. The colours travelled through the paper creating this organic swirls of colour. What was so interesting about this “Print” is that every single sheet that the ink soaked into was different to the lasted.

I wanted to use this idea of ‘soaking ink’ though paper to create my illustration and to see if it would work as well.

Ink soak illustration layer 1Ink soak illustration layer 2Ink soak illustration layer 3

With this illustration (below) I wanted to be a little playful and create the pattern of half a butterfly using the ‘soaked ink’ method and then merging two of the prints together; which to my surprise worked fairly well. Also it was a quick way to created an illustration of a whole butterfly.

1 2 34 5 6



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