Wearing Fur To The Extreme

Looking at the results of my screen printing and liking the effect of something extra added to the portraits I decided to create a theme. One thing I feel strongly about is something dictates what to wear. How fashion can tell you that it is trendy to wear fur/animals when it is putting others at harm. I wanted to create some illustrations to show people wearing fur to the extremes. I’ve created them so that the animal is almost part of the model, some people may not even notice, yet it is a bold statement to make that you don’t care about the wealth fare of the animal. I chose to create them using watercolours because they bring colour yet, not in a vibrate way. Therefore doesn’t detract from the subtle look I am trying to create with the interaction between the models and the animals. Watercolours also help create a texture, which adds more meaning and makes them look more realistic. This was my favourite technique that I tried and want to create more of them.





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